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@SHCinSF relents after #JessicasTux yearbook-photo removal

A look at how officials, observers and others in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond stood up this week on behalf of one well-dressed Catholic school student


  1. A Message to the Greater SHC Community

    In working with young people, we are mindful of our responsibility to maintain confidentiality. Respectful of that responsibility, we also want to update our community regarding student participation in senior portraits and our yearbook.

    SHC’s yearbook is an official school publication and decisions regarding its contents are made by the school administration. While not all are in the portrait pages, each of our 286 seniors are represented with photographs throughout the yearbook. In addition, all seniors will be represented equally at SHC graduation festivities. These events have sparked a campuswide dialogue which will result in a revision of policy.

    With each of our students we strive to affirm the value, worth and intrinsic dignity of all, and to foster a supportive and nurturing learning environment. The resulting meaningful discourse and reflection on the practices and policies of the school are at the heart of our mission as an inclusive, Catholic community of faith.

    Our students have risen in support of each other and the principles central to our community. We are proud of their leadership and thoughtful effort to affect change.

  2. On Thursday, word spread among students across social media:
  3. Stand in solidarity for Jessica Urbinas rights! #jessicastux @cnn @ktvu2 @_asiababyyy @michaelurbina @tiesandtophats #shcpsheonyou #sfarchdioceseshameonyou. PLEASE SUPPORT JESSICA @chuygomez @djmindmotion
    Stand in solidarity for Jessica Urbinas rights! #jessicastux @cnn @ktvu2 @_asiababyyy @michaelurbina @tiesandtophats #shcpsheonyou #sfarchdioceseshameonyou. PLEASE SUPPORT JESSICA @chuygomez @djmindmotion