S.F. window washing rig hangs loose

Officials re-routed buses and blocked off streets in the city's financial district Friday morning after noticing the off-kilter platform 41 floors up

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  1. Skyscraper window cleaner lift is hanging only by one cord so they shut down the streets around my work just in case it might fall. & you better not air that video mister news reporter. You look like the dude from American Psycho btw. Lol :) #fridaythe13th
  2. Soooo this window washing platform may fall? Dangling off the side of the building. Eek! #possibledisaster #afraidofheightsforthisreason #whatifsomeonewasonit
  3. All the streets around my office are closed, dangling window washing unit. Crazy. #sanfrancisco #fidi #windowwasher
  4. Holy crap a window washer scaffold is dangling from Embarcadero 1! SFPD shut down the whole block. Hope everyone is safe. Not how you want to start your Friday morning. #sf #embarcadero #dangerousjobs #nofilter #hopingforthebest
  5. not a good day to be a window washer... holy crap!