Reaction: @SFGiants @Dodgers post-game fatal stabbing

Tragic event late Wednesday close by San Francisco stadium throws spotlight on one of major-league baseball's infamous rivalries

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  1. Wednesday night's game saw thousands of fans of both teams arriving, attending and leaving peacefully:
  2. Youll find me in the lower box at the game tonight reppin DODGERS! #defeatsf
  3. A lil sampler and beer while watching the #Dodger game
  4. Had a awesome day with the #hermanos at the #Dodgers giants game. Sported all #Dodger blue without any gang issues lol, except this bouncer in black acting tough trying to pull his earphone off and pretending like he would try do something Lmao
  5. Final totals are announced after #RallyZito's final start as an #sfgiant. HUGE ovation. #barryzito #attpark #beatla #sanfrancisco #attpark
  6. Giants game... Turned out to be good fun.
  7. Then came word:
  8. And giants fans thought we're the most violent fans in the mlb. #dodgers #sfgiants #giantssuck #
  9. Took my parents to the game last night for my Dad's belated birthday present, and we had an amazing time. Waking up to the news of the death of a dodgers fan ruined it all. I don't care if you hate the dodgers or not, there are a lot of things more important than baseball, it is not something you should lose your life over. My prayers go out to Denver and his family, and I hope Dodger fans don't blame the entire fan base for this. True fans know how to act. #sfgiants #dodgers #rivalryshouldonlygosofar