Reaction: #SCOTUS #VRA ruling

Select social media posts from around the San Francisco Bay Area after justices' 5-4 ruling Tuesday undercutting a key Voting Rights Act section

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  1. National, state and local and state officials weighed in:
  2. Holder 'Deeply Disappointed' in Voting Decision
  3. I am deeply troubled by U.S. Supreme Court ruling today that invalidates Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act and flies in the face of 50 years of voting protections for minority populations across the country, including California. Has the voting situation for Americans improved? That is undeniable, as the court states in the majority, “There is no doubt that these improvements are in large part because of the Voting Rights Act.” Why effectively cripple the law? Better is not good enough. As the majority pointed out in its opinion, “any racial discrimination in voting is too much.” We cannot wait for the next federal election to make a change, elections are happening constantly across this country and today’s court decision makes millions of voters vulnerable to discrimination. I call on Congress and the President to put this issue on the front burner and act accordingly.
  4. Reactions came from observers on the national level and from social media users locally:
  5. Professor: Decision Changes 'Political Dynamic'