Reaction: Oakland police, FBI serve warrants

Tweets and Facebook status updates offered multiple perspectives during a large law enforcement sweep Wednesday in West Oakland and a smaller one in East Oakland

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  1. Observers in West Oakland began noticing a heavier than normal police presence shortly before 8 p.m. Wednesday:
  2. hmmm ghetto birds are swooping and two big explosions just went off which to me sounds like stun grenades! WTF is happening on the Corner of 10th and Linden!?!?!
  3. I think that Oakland is finally gearing up to forcibly annex Emeryville. A half a dozen SWAT teams and few dozen police cars just sped down Wood St.
  4. We all just saw tons of FBI gearing up at the abandon train station, about 50 trucks and civilian cars, the left and are going downtown, anyone who knows what's up??
  5. Anyone know what's going on in Oakland tonight? Scanner listener traffic is picking up.