Reaction: #NSA tapping @Google @Yahoo data centers?

Select tweets in the wake of Wednesday's Washington Post story asserting the agency regularly captures information from networks connected to the high-tech companies' data centers

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  1. From Washington Post reporters Barton Gellman and Ashkan Soltani's story:

    The NSA’s principal tool to exploit the data links is a project called MUSCULAR, operated jointly with the agency’s British counterpart, GCHQ. From undisclosed interception points, the NSA and GCHQ are copying entire data flows across fiber-optic cables that carry information between the data centers of the Silicon Valley giants.

    The infiltration is especially striking because the NSA, under a separate program known as PRISM, has front-door access to Google and Yahoo user accounts through a court-approved process.

    The MUSCULAR project appears to be an unusually aggressive use of NSA tradecraft against flagship American companies. The agency is built for high-tech spying, with a wide range of digital tools, but it has not been known to use them routinely against U.S. companies.

  2. Today's story came a fortnight after Gellman and Soltani wrote about the agency's collection of email address books:
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