Michelle Shocked @MShocked anti-gay tirade clears San Francisco club

Music club Yoshi's S.F. interrupts singer's set Sunday evening after statements against gays, marriage equality spurred audience walkout; at least one other Bay Area venue cancels her in response

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  1. Update from the San Francisco Bay Guardian's "Noise" weblog: audio of Michelle Shocked's set Sunday evening at Yoshi's San Francisco
  2. On Wednesday morning, Shocked sent a statement to some members of the media, including KQED.org:
  3. Update from Yoshi's on Monday afternoon, whose San Francisco venue Michelle Shocked played Sunday night:
  4. From Michelle Shocked's site bio:
  5. "Michelle Shocked" is the nom de guerre given at her arrest in a political protest called "The War Chest Tour" during the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco, California. The demonstration challenged the practice of U.S. corporations receiving lucrative military contracts from the U.S. government while giving generous campaign contributions to both political parties, thus benefiting from political favors regardless of election results. "Michelle Shocked" was intended to invoke the spectre of "shell shock" as a result of Reagan's Cold War policies.
  6. Dallas Voice:
  7. May 1990: "I felt like I needed permission or approval. You never get it. I was with my first woman lover about a year and a half ago. To be honest, the real fear of coming out of the closet, not fear, but the real pressures of coming out of the closet had been if you had certain problems identifying yourself one way or the other. It's been difficult. A situation has been created now where you have to come out of the closet, whether you're straight or gay. That doesn't work for me."
  8. April 2008: "There are some inconvenient truths that I'm now a born again, sanctified, saved-in-the-blood Christian. So much of what's said and done in the name of that Christianity is appalling. According to my Bible, which I didn't write, homosexuality is immoral. But homosexuality is no more less a sin than fornication. And I'm a fornicator with a capital F."

  9. Michelle Shocked - Yes God is Real - michelleshocked.com
  10. The show started oddly, with Michelle Shocked asking a fan to tweet on her account. Then things turned ugly: