@BarackObama apologizes to @KamalaHarris

Social media users alternated between umbrage and indifference Friday, a day after the president called the California official "best looking attorney general" during a fundraiser

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  1. Obama Thinks Kamala Harris Is "Best Looking" AG
  2. Media outlets had plenty of headlines and commentary to offer after the president's remarks during a fundraiser Thursday:
  3. [...] Second of all, you have to be careful to, first of all, say she is brilliant and she is dedicated and she is tough, and she is exactly what you'd want in anybody who is administering the law, and making sure that everybody is getting a fair shake.  She also happens to be by far the best-looking attorney general in the country -- Kamala Harris is here.  (Applause.)  It's true.  Come on.  (Laughter.)  And she is a great friend and has just been a great supporter for many, many years. [...]
  4. Some observers critiqued the president's attempt at a compliment. Salon.com's Joan Walsh assessed the incident, adding informed context from her own coverage of Harris' 2003 run for Alameda County (Calif.) district attorney. Here's how Walsh closed:

  5. [...] Calling her “by far, the toughest attorney general” would have had a better ring. There is so much to say about Kamala Harris; the president had far better options than praising her looks.

  6. Writer Angela Rye offered her opinion on the situation for TheGrio.com in "In defense of Barack Obama's Kamala Harris 'best looking' remark":
  7. [...] President Obama was at a fundraiser. He was comfortable among friends. I am choosing to believe the best of the president of the United States of America.

    The same president who has championed women’s rights by signing bills into law to protect us, issuing executive orders to strengthen us, and appointing women like you and me to make a difference has a record that screams the exact opposite of sexism. [...]

  8. On Friday, White House spokesman Jay Carney said that President Obama had apologized to Harris:
  9. WH: Obama Apologized for 'Best Looking' AG Stir
  10. Comments on social media ranged from outrage to indifference to partisan wagon-circling and qualified praise from regular opponents: