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Exquisite Bathroom Designs For Small Bathrooms


  1. A few things all old house lovers must be familiar with are: drafty windows, squeaky floors, lesser perfect plumbing and small bathrooms. As new home baths have nearly doubled in sizeover the past 30 years, old home bathrooms average about 5 by 8 feet. Having a lavish living area, dining hall, bed room, lobby, portico is what the main aspects of perfect living. While designing a house, you think about the dimensionof living area, dining hall, what you don’t think much, is bathrooms. These are the least cared portion of the house which is interestingly, the highly ignored ones.

  2. If you are deciding on theinterior decoration theme for your house, then how can you negate or ignore theconcept of bathroom theme. I your bathroom is designed as per a particular theme, then let me tell you, your bathroom would add a special touch to the decor of your house. Here are some fascinating and interesting Bathroom Designs ideas that would make the guest go WOW over it!!!

  3. Bathroom decoration ideas

    · Old-School Glamour

    To give antique look to your house, you could pick chocolaty walls to play the brilliant whites of bathroom tub, curtains and shower tiles could be matched with the antique theme.

  4. · Multi-Hued Bathroom

    For creating an idyllic bath, youcould select blue palette. However, do not limit to just one shade. The custom watery blue of the polished plaster walls would pick up the blue in the floor tiles.

  5. · Subtly Pink Bathroom

    This gives a complete femininelook to the bathroom. Glossy pale pink walls blend well on the pale pinkaccents in the marble tile. The bath tub could be easily blended with the tone.

  6. · Perfect Focal Point

    Striped palazzo curtains hanging on either side of the sunken tub in the master bath offer a graphic counter point to the paint on the walls and ceiling.

  7. Luxury showers could be attained if you have aesthetically designed your bathroom. If you follow aparticular theme, then it is more than good, as going by the theme is thesafest and convenient method of styling your home, and bathrooms, are no exception.However, if you wish to move away from the theme which you have followed inyour house decoration, then also you could proceed with it, as they would give yourbathroom a new twist. So, think, research and style your home!!