Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative Science Workshop 2017


  1. The Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative (CCMI) is a joint activity between Future Earth's International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Project and the World Climate Research Programme's (WCRP's) Stratosphere-troposphere Processes and their Role in Climate project (SPARC). The scope of this international activity is to study the chemistry and dynamics of the global troposphere and stratosphere in a one-atmosphere approach in global models in order to understand the complex interactions and feedbacks between them and to understand their impact on climate, air pollution, and the ozone layer. Particular goals are to challenge the performance of these models by observations and process analyses, and to disentangle the different natural and anthropogenic drivers of observed changes.
  2. Location: Centre International de Conférences of Météo-France, Toulouse, France
  3. Tuesday 13 th to Thursday 15 th June

  4. The meeting kicked off to a good start with introductions to CCMI, IGAC, SPARC, WCRP and a warm welcome to Météo-France.
  5. The introductions included some great slides on climate change and our responsibilities as scientists.
  6. Didier Hauglustaine kicked off with a talk on "Evaluation of the global distribution of particulate nitrate and
    its impact on air quality, climate and ecosystems".

  7. The first set of talks were on topic of "Links with other Community Activities"