Creative Gift-Wrapping Ideas for Gift-Wrapping Season

It’s that time of year again: gift-wrapping time. It’s the season of giving gifts and receiving them. Most of us would agree that it really does feel better to give than it does to receive, and one of my favorite parts of the giving process is the wrapping of the gift.


  1. 7 Creative Gift Wrapping Hacks - Super Easy | ANNEORSHINE
  2. I know, I know, this might sound kind of lame. It might sound even more lame that I set aside all many of extra craft and packaging supplies throughout the year so that I can recycle them when it’s time to wrap a gift. I don’t blame you if you like plain old wrapping paper you can buy from Wal-Mart, but if you want to dip your toe in creative gift-wrapping, do what I do.
  3. DIY Tutorial: Last-Minute Fancy Gift Wrap Idea!
  4. What are craft and packaging supplies, you ask? That’s easy! Craft supplies are obviously flowers, ribbons, stickers…decorative type stuff. Packaging supplies are anything that has to do with a package: tape, cushion, containers, strings. Here are some simple ideas to get you started:
  5. If you have nice hand-writing, write a hand-written note on card stock and attach it with string.
  6. Find tutorials for how to wrap smaller gifts so that they look like a mouse, or other super cute ideas.
  7. Fabric flowers are really taking the gift-wrapping world by storm. These are super easy to make, and look seriously awesome on a package that has been wrapped in plain paper.
  8. If you don’t have any kind of paper lying around, you can find some cool black and white wrapping paper designs for free on the internet and print them out right at home.
  9. Fun, Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas
  10. Use the crossword section from the newspaper, or the funnies.
  11. Use a scrap of fabric instead of wrapping paper.
  12. Use a drawstring bag or a scarf (an added bonus gift!) to wrap your present in. Everyone loves getting a secret, surprise bonus gift.
  13. Decorate plain wrapping paper with hot glue and pom-poms. The 3D juxtaposition of hard and soft is cool no matter who you are.
  14. I like interactive wrapping paper. Like making a road out of construction paper that wraps around the wrapped gift and then securing some little cars to the road (there’s that bonus gift again!).
  15. Chalkboard wrapping paper is super popular these days but, in my humble opinion, you have to have nice handwriting or be some-what good at drawing to pull it off.
  16. A new trend is sewing the wrapping around smaller, flatter gifts. The reactions are amazing and well worth the extra effort.