So you think you know everything about a hashtag, do you? #ndnusocial

What's a hashtag? You probably think you know all there is to know about them, don't you? Well now, are you using them correctly? What else can they do? Are you overusing them?yes that's possible. And do you even know when they first started? Didn't think so. Here's what you didn't know...


  1. What's a #hashtag? Let me fill you in...
  2. Fairly simple, right? Not really...okay. #hereshowitsdone
  3. Most people affiliate hashtags with twitter however, they weren't formally adopted by Twitter until 2009. A side from Twitter, hashtags continue to make their way to a multitude of social media network as well. Who else uses them?
  4. They can also be used by #bigtime 💰 companies in order to....
  5. Now, about overusing them. #Is #that #even #a #thing ?
  6. No one wants their newsfeed to be overflowing with your hashtags, I hate to break it to you... No one reads them #sorrynotsorry
  7. So hope you learned a little something about hashtags. #btw a few things you probably should've known, but just in case; keep your hashtags fairly short, you can't space anything and sadly, you can't hashtag those emojies of yours.