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Tweeter of the Week: Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown

The woman behind the legislation that would keep bars open until 3 a.m., with the extra hour of liquor taxes going to city schools, shares her thoughts.


  1. Councilwoman Blondell Reynold Brown's bill proposing that bars be allowed to operate until 3 a.m. has been the most talked-about piece of legislation to come out of this week's City Council session. It will most likely continue to spark debate for months to come as joint city-state hearings are held and the law is argued in both Harrisburg and Philadelphia.

    So who is the woman behind the idea?

    Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown is a type of tweeter I call the social media powerhouse

    In non-Internet life, she could simply be referred to as the social powerhouse. It's rare for her to pass a face, be it a reporter, constituent, or fellow politician, that she does not recognize and greet. But she's surprisingly opaque at the same time: even when you're acquainted, you never feel like you know her.

    Her Twitter account is a stellar reflection of her public persona: she replies to just about everyone, retweets positive comments and shares her thoughts several times a day – this woman must burn through a Blackberry (or a social media staffer) a month. But, at the same time, she never gets too personal or reveals too much.
  2. First: Reynold Brown's only-almost-possibly-could-have-hypothetically-been-a Twitter fight. Brown expertly deflects a comment that would have devolved into bickering if directed at many others (**cough**Nutter**cough***) with her trademark brand of defiant positivity in which she cheerfully refuses to acknowledge any undertones of tension.
  3. Okay, guess we imagined those undertones of tension.
  4. Brown brings social savvy and just the right amount of panache to somber events. How many people do you know that livetweeted the State of the Union address? And made it sound kind of interesting?
  5. And then, of course, are the retweets of glowing reviews of her bar bill. To be fair, they do seem to outweigh the complaints in real life, but the complaints are still there, unaddressed. And, as Reynolds Brown gets more follower compliments, she seems to increasingly try to manage peoples' expectations (e.g. this still needs to pass the gauntlet of state and Nutter administration approval, so chill ... don't expect to be knocking 'em back at a legit bar until 3 a.m. anytime soon).