Most common prevailing symptoms of eczema and its treatment


  1. Eczema is an insistent skin disorder that causes itchy rashes, dryness, discolouration and inflammation. This skin problem is highly seen in all developed and developing countries and it is also due to result of immune system disorder. Many physicians guess that an individual can experience eczema symptoms mostly because of some allergens in their home and with certain irritants. If one suffers with this skin problem the skin condition may be uncomfortable and they also have a slight burning sensation. There are certain symptoms for eczema problem like itching, swelling and also skin looks reddish, even though the symptoms may vary slightly depending upon the types of eczema.
    Symptoms and treatment
    Eczema which is termed as chronic skin disease is affected because of immunological changes that occur within the body. If this immunological change is sorted out and corrected then eczema is easily curable one. The causes for eczema can’t be denoted easily as there are many types of eczema each have its own causes. The main two types are endogenous and exogenous eczemas, were as endogenous is associated with internal factors like prolonged hypersensitivity due to environmental factors like dustmites,drugs,pollen,chemicals etc.The persons with endogenous eczema have certain disorders like hay fever,asthma,food allergies etc.Exogenous eczema is due to external factors like some allergies, irritant substances and due to photosensitivity. Generally the basic cause of eczema may be due to environmental factors and genetic components.
    As said earlier the main symptoms of eczema is depend on the type of eczema that occurs to individual, however some general symptoms are inflammation with rashes and redness on the skin along with swelling this can be treated with ointments or anti-inflammatory creams, some use steroids also that are mild or strong depending on the type of disease they have. Next common symptom is Itchiness which is most painful, as if the infected person scratches the area affected it gets worse than earlier, it can be treated immediately with cold water or ice bag against the skin.
    Another major symptom is dryness, which is also a skin disorder problem as due to high dryness the skin gets crusted and cracks. The dryness can be treated with moisturizer that comes without chemicals; organic products can be preferred for such skin isssues.The person with dryness symptom should avoid excess heat and sweating. Eczema can also be affected by usage of chemical products available in the market. Apart from all these major symptoms bleeding, oozing and blisters are also commonly seen on the skin of the person who is affected by eczema.
    Treatment for eczema is varied between person to person you should have a exact consultation with the physician before taking up a treatment ,as there is no cure or vaccination for eczema but there are treatments to control it from spreading. Doctors may prescribe certain creams and will be advised to go with that for certain time period as it may take some time to heal your skin problems. While taking treatment for eczema you should avoid the allergic things for your skin should try to follow a healthy lifestyle.