Jackson Mayoral Candidates Wrap Up Campaign Efforts

Jackson’s top mayoral contenders are out and about in the city today meeting with voters, assisting with campaign efforts and even standing on street corners trying to secure as much support as possible.


  1. Jonathan Lee's campaign is alive and well on Twitter and Facebook today with streaming updates tracking the Democratic candidate's every move.

    Meanwhile, Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. and candidates Regina Quinn and Chokwe Lumumba have been seen today casting their votes and interacting with voters. 
  2. 7:08 p.m.: Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson decides to take a break minutes after the polls close to spend time with his daughter (click to see photo). 
  3. 6:59 p.m. Jonathan Lee and wife Davetta (click to see photo) are making their way back to the campaign office. 
  4. 6:45 p.m.: Regina Quinn talks to WJTV minutes before the polls closed Tuesday evening. 
  5. 5:48 p.m.: Though candidate Frank Bluntson isn't very active on social media, his campaign retweeted this supportive message shortly before the polls closed. 
  6. 4:35 p.m.: Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. during a live radio remote. 
  7. 3:02 p.m.: A Google Maps Street View car drove by during one of Jonathan Lee's stops around Jackson. 
  8. 2:41 p.m.: Mayor Johnson tweeted a vote of himself at the polls, which originally appeared on his campaign's Facebook page around noon. 
  9. 1:35: Lee started trending in Jackson Tuesday afternoon with the #wheresjonathannow hashtag, using Twitter to track his movements on Election Day. 
  10. Candidate Regina Quinn checked in around lunchtime to cast her ballot. 
  11. 11:50 p.m. Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson's campaign uploaded a Facebook photo album after he casted his vote:
  12. Candidate Jonathan Lee has taken his campaign (and his family) to the streets of Jackson to meet with voters.