Procedure of proper sunbathing


  1. Length sunbathing depends not only on the temperature but also on the relative humidity and wind velocity. During the session, with a strong need to remove perspiration sweat towel to avoid burns. After sunbathing nice and helpful bathe him with water or tepid water for half an hour and relax in the shade. Contraindications to the hardening of the sun are: heart disease,(KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS Review) acute illness, severe nervous system excitability and irritability, persistent headaches, kidney disease, certain forms of pulmonary tuberculosis, etc. You should not sleep while sunbathing. 

    During sleep easily overheat or get sunburn. If someone close to you had a solar or heat stroke - remember that the victim is an urgent need to move into the shade. Moisten the forehead and temples with water or put on the forehead wet handkerchief. Try to bring a person back to life. If it works - be sure to let the water. If a cause can not be, or the mind of man is confused - call an ambulance.  Your appearance tells a lot about the physical and psychological health of women. KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS SCAM

    As always, feel and look at "all hundred percent"?  Beauty starts from within! Just look at the apple that had been lying just a few hours after leaving the branch, as you begin to understand what happens to our skin. Apple is beautiful on the outside, but the inside begins to deteriorate soon.