1. It starts when the Escapist posts the second part of an article with developers interviewed about Gamergate. The first one was of 7 women in industry who asked to remain anonymous. The second was 17 male developers.

    And a whole lot of trouble.
  2. It gets off to a poor start, to be modest.
  3. Then, Tim Schafer points something out to me, which I screencap and tweet out.
  4. After 400 retweets and significant public outcry, Escapist EIC Greg Tito jumps in to make changes to the headline.
  5. By this time, we make it into the article itself. But something is amiss. It seems unusually slanted in favor of Gamergate despite being billed as a random sampling of devs.
  6. Then we read the interview list and sort back through our documentation.

    Archon, GM at the Escapist, sourced them all from 4chan.
  7. People begin parsing the interviews for a sampling of unbelievably loaded questions.