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Manchester's New Year Photo Forged by Neural Network in the Style of Famous Painters

Images generated by @DeepForger using a neural algorithm and deep learning. Original photograph by @pixel8foto.


  1. The images below were generated from a single photograph by @pixel8foto (called "content") and paintings from famous artists (called "style"). These images are combined together using style transfer with a deep neural network that extracts patterns, and another algorithm that recombines these patterns together.

    It's a new algorithm—yet to be finalized and published—that generates all #DeepForgery paintings (without new code or retraining), based on original research from the University of Tuebingen. Also see this publication from the University of Oxford that was the inception for it all. Follow @DeepForger for updates and details when we publish the new improved algorithm.
  2. John Singer Sargent (1)

  3. Pablo Picasso (1)

  4. After Caravaggio

  5. Preston Dickinson

  6. William Hogarth

  7. Vincent van Gogh (1)

  8. Jan Steen

  9. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

  10. Joan Miro

  11. Pablo Picasso (2)

  12. Oskar Kokoschka

  13. John Singer-Sargent (2)