Indiana hostage situation as it happened

A gunman fatally shot himself after holding several hostages for much of the day in Valparaiso, Ind.

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  1. News of the hostage-taking first spread — like almost all major news today — with tentative soundings on social media.
  2. Local media were the first to firm up the details. Robert Blaszkiewicz, an assistant managing editor at The Times of Northwest Indiana, jumped in almost immediately, but other Valparaiso-area journalists quickly followed.
  3. Once authorities began releasing information, details followed quickly, accompanied by observations and photos from area residents drawn to the scene.
  4. there's a hostage situation going on in town right now... a guy brought a gun into an office building and there have been reports of gun shots. please say a prayer for the people involved, valpo police dept, and swat. i'll try and keep updated.
  5. :( hostage being held next door at prudential building :/
  6. Please keep the portage SWAT team in your prayers along with the people in Valpo they are going to help. So scared... :'( love my father-in-law!!
  7. Jeez wat is this world comin 2? Now there is a gunman w/ unknown amt of hostages at a realestate comp in Indiana..smh n prayin 4 the hostages..
  8. All my friends in the Valparaiso area okay?
  9. Because the incident took place in a real estate office, it was especially compelling for people employed in the industry across the nation.
  10. national news here in li'l ole valpo...not the desirable kind.