A Lonely Planet Life: Researching & Writing in Glorious Greece

Around the World & Loving It! Or, how one writer gets from Icelandic lava fields to Balinese evenings, then returns home to Greece to explore ancient ruins, ferry-hop in the Aegean, and track the best sleeps and eats...and gets to write about it all for Lonely Planet.


  1. From Hotpots to Gamelan

  2. After a thrilling summer researching in Iceland for Lonely Planet, I sit on a tropical terrace in Ubud, Bali submitting my Iceland guidebook manuscripts, and turn my mind towards Greece, my adopted homeland. As is often the case, I wrap up one writing project as another begins.
  3. This year Lonely Planet is also launching a Reykjavík guide, which I have the supreme pleasure of writing. It's my last big hurdle before returning home.
  4. Home

  5. I'm based in Hydra, Greece, a tiny but stupendously beautiful island in the Saronic Gulf, so once the Iceland manuscripts are in, I head home to regroup and plan the upcoming Greece research trip. The journey to Hydra is a wild adventure during a storm that sees the ferry cancelled due to high winds and a fire breaking out on board as we are filing off. It calls for alternate, sketchy means of midnight travel via the Peloponnese, but I make it.
  6. Still suffering a bit of jetlag, but hey, look at the upside:
  7. It's going to be a fast-paced journey since I'm currently covering Greece for the Europe guidebook which captures the main highlights of this fantastic land. Imagine about 46 pages to call out the best of the best (compared to the full Greece book which runs to 736 pages...). The gauntlet is down!
  8. Riot of roofs in #Hydra, #Greece #lp
    Riot of roofs in #Hydra, #Greece #lp
  9. As you'll see, I'm just thrilled to be home in Greece. As Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz says...