cheap insurance 2015

cheap insurance 2015cheap insurance 2015


  1. cheap insurance 2015
  2. cheap insurance 2015
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://HELP-INSURE.NET/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. "How much is your full coverage insurance cost? 19 year old, 2 speeding tickets, live in WA, for Celica GTS?"
  6. I know it varies from place to place, based on driving record, car, etc, etc etc. Im just looking to get average insurance costs. I am 19 years old, I have two speeding tickets (both 30 mph over), student, live in WA, insuring a clean title 2003 Toyota Celica GTS. What are you paying on average for similar discriptions."
  7. Do you have health insurance?
  8. if so, how much is it per month? how old are you? what kind of deductible do you have? Also Feel free to answer if you do not have insurance and do you support Obamacare?"
  9. I am in texas and want cheap auto insurance (liability)?
  10. I only need what texas law requires (liability) have 2 accidents 1 moving violation my policy doubled please help me find better deal
  11. Statefarm locksmith coverages for auto insurance?
  12. how much StateFarm reimburses for locksmith charges. I had to pay $139 for a locksmith to come and open my car. his service charge is 39.99 and $75 for opening car (tax and 10% credit card charge) it totalled to $139. now any of you has any idea how much StateFarm will reimburse me. Do agents play tricks to reimbruse less money. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you
  13. Cheap auto insurance?
  14. My son has accidents and tickets over the last 3 years. We are paying $229.05 to Windhaven Underwriters. Know of any cheaper insurance prices?
  15. Second Owner of a Car = Insurance? (FL)?
  16. This is for the state of Florida. Yes, I could have looked it up, but there are too many answers to get a straight one. Scenario: Say a parent owns a car. They pay insurance. There's an 18-year-old who still has their permit but wants to get a license. They should become a second owner of their parent's car. However, there's word going around that there would be a second insurance? 1) How will the second insurance work? 2) Do you LEGALLY HAVE to have insurance? I'm not sure what else to ask, but, if someone could shed some light on how this has to be done, just let me know. Thanks."
  17. Can I drive another car with my Geico insurance?
  18. I just purchased my first insurance policy. My sister has Geico insurance and she can drive any car and anybody can drive her car. I'm wondering if I have the same privileges, or do I have to pay for them. My policy is about as basic as is legal in California so here's to hoping."
  19. Insurance and modifications?
  20. i have a 3 speed auto porsche 944 '-85. obviously it is quite expensive to insure, and this particular model is quite slow. so i was wondering what would be the complications in shoving a 944 S2 engine under the bonnet, and the turbo from the 944T model? both mechanically the complications and what insurance companies would make of it. could i not just get away with telling them nothing? after all it would still be a 944-of sorts!"
  21. Repair cost for rear view mirror?
  22. I broke someones rear view mirror. If I don't have to go through my insurance company I'd rather not. About how much does it cost to replace them? I don't know the make or model of the car.
  23. Will my homeowners insurance drop me if my dog bit someone?
  24. So last week the side gate to my house was left open and my dog got out. She bit one of my neighbors down the street, I'm guessing out of fear (she is a rescue dog). The bite wasn't too serious, but it did break the skin so my neighbor went to urgent care to get bandaged up. We apologized and offered to pay any medical costs upfront, but my neighbor preferred to let our insurance companies handle the claim. My dog hasn't bit anyone in the past, and isn't considered a dangerous breed (labrador, border collie mix). We've let her off leash at the dog beach and dog parks with plenty of other dogs and people running around, and she hasn't shown any type of aggression. What I'm worried about is my insurance company dropping us from their coverage, and us subsequently having trouble finding homeowners insurance in the future. We tried convincing our neighbor to let us settle without getting the insurance companies involved, and explained the situation, but with no luck. Does anyone have any answers or advice about the whole situation? Should I make a claim first and let our insurance company know, or should I just sit and wait for the whole situation to play out? BTW I live in California and my homeowners insurance is Wawanesa"
  25. What is the most affordable health insurance in NYC?