I love Tom Cruze Very Much

Why I love the tom and I explained here in the article.


  1. When I was too younger than my current age, I used to see the tom's movies. Those were fantasizing me a lot. I was a huge fan of tom's work because he does everything with 100% efforts which we can't see in our native heros. This was the advantage for the hollywood industry that they got such an amazing actor who can deliver more than their expectations.
  2. There are so many movies of tom's where he acted very well. To count some, I would like to name few of them are Mi series, war of world and many other which you count. Actually, there are so many. Therefore, we are having an issues to count all of them. He acts very well in each of his movie whether it's a small budget or a very high budget cinema. I also watch his old movies all of them very awesome. Those are made to entice the audience. The man has the power to keep them engaged for long time.
  3. I don't say this thing. It comes from the heart after watching his movies. After a long time I wanted to watch his movies but I didn't find any place to get the CD of his best movies. IT's not like I haven't watched those movies. It's because I wanted to see all of them in HD print. But as you know that a very few people out there in the market who keeps the cd and all. SO I tried to find the sites to watch free online movies. And I found an amazing list. It was so amazing so see the people are listing such an amazing lists online where anyone can go and watch there favorite movie for free. They don't even need to download. Just go and start watching. I would like to say a humble thanks for all the website owners or bloggers who do this work for the audience like me. Seriouly it's huge time and money saving for me.
  4. Thanks a lot at the end...from the deep heart....Thanks..