Putin Memes - Best of

For Wladimir Putin it has been a long, hard way - to social media fame. Follow his path from "I only have one face"-robot to action figure inspiring leader of evil. Oh, and there are cute animals in there, too!


  1. Putin has made it: He has his own action figure now. But this is only the climax of a much more complex story: The one of Putin's path to meme fame.
  2. Let's not forget how it all started. When Putin became Russia's president (for the first time) in 2000, things didn't seem to go to well for him - meme-wise:
  3. But soon meme generators all over the world began to discover Putins's potential more thoroughly. Meet evil Putin:
  4. Not to mention Putin the animal lover:
  5. No matter what kind of animal... (This one has been dubbed "the Siberian fish kiss")
  6. Putin's doing it again (the kissing), this time to a horse. (Horse not to enthuasiastic about it.)
  7. Dolphins on the other hand seem to enjoy Putin's...company. (As a matter of fact, are those the war-trained dolphins Russia took from Ukraine after annexing Crimea?)
  8. Another Putin-animal-encounter. I wonder what is going on in the koala bear's head...
  9. Let alone in this chickling's
  10. Which leads us to Putin's version of "Fly away home", if anybody still remembers the movie: