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4 Important Things to Vet with a Payment Gateway


  1. Who do you turn to for accurate advice? How can you properly vet a service in a day and age where reviews are being bought, as per The Huffington Post? Who can you trust, and what can you trust, and why? And finally, how do you spot a scam?
  2. These are all questions that require answers, and these answers are what we aim to give.
  3. Where to Find Honest Reviews
  4. Stay away from review sites, and try to take blog posts with a grain of salt. The best place to find information on whether or not a secure payment gateway works is through a selection of magazines, especially those where reviews are posted of several services at once, often with comparisons.
    More important than finding a single source for reviews, however, is the ability to subconsciously and rapidly aggregate reviews and discover what the general consensus on quality is simply based on what 10-20 reviews say as opposed to two or three.
    Sure, a few of them may bound to offer some sponsored content – but by and large, if a payment gateway in India really is among the best in its region, it’ll find itself being mentioned more than once.
    What Insincerity Looks Like
    Beware of the word “free”. And beware of hidden costs, or hidden anything. While it’s doubtless that by the very definition, a payment gateway should be able to command a certain level of discretion and a high standard of security, it’s also best to choose a service that puts more than just a little emphasis on transparency.
    That is so that when things go horribly wrong, you’ll have an idea of why, and a greater trust in the company to solve the issue and get business back on track ASAP. As Social Media Today puts it: transparency is much more than just a simple buzzword. It’s an integral part of trust creation, and an important reflection of a business’ quality.
    Test the Customer Service
    The way a business treats its customers – both the potential and existing kind – is vital to finding out whether or not this is the kind of business you want to be doing business with, especially when the service is as vital as payment gateway providers like PayUMoney tend to be.
    It’s relatively easy to test a business’ capacity to communicate effectively with customers. Simply give them a call, or a message – and see how they respond, and how quickly, and with what tone. All of these things are important. Finally, ask around and see how other former or current customers have been treated by the service.
    Don’t Forget to Shop Around
    Finally, never forget to consider other options. While it’s good and lucky to have stumbled upon a great deal, it’s even more important to make sure that you’re getting the best deal you could be getting.
    Even after finding a favorable service or setting up a shortlist, consider their competitors, and what makes them different. Ask yourself why one service is better than the other. Make a comprehensive list of pros and cons instead of just choosing the service everyone else says is the best.
    With these simple yet effective vetting tips, you should be easily finding your best and most compatible service as a small business owner. Payment gateways are doubtlessly important – as per Entrepreneur, increasing your payment options even just a little can increase your regular and ecommerce sales drastically.