The UK's immigration crackdown

What is behind the country's current policies?


  1. The UK government has recently taken on a more aggressive approach when it comes to immigration. It is an approach that some have condemned as racist.

    Earlier this month, the Home Office sent vans, like the one in the image below, around London, that carried the message “go home or face arrest”. 

  2. The Home Office live-tweeted their immigration raids and posted the images, like the ones below.
  3. Many online said they were offended by the Home Office's tweets.
  4. One netizen posted this image, mocking the the UK Border Agency's approach. 
  5. The UK Border Agency raids also sparked protests in immigrant London enclaves such as Southhall. 
  6. SBS opposes UKBA immigration raid in Southall
  7. Groups like Anti-Raids Network published information, like the one below, to inform the public on what to do should they be approached by an officer. 
  8. According to an opinion poll, the majority of British people favour reducing immigration. Netizens say the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment in the UK is due to the economic situation, where approximately two million people are out of work. Others add immigration strains public services.
  9. Senior Opposition Immigration Minister Chris Bryant critisised large retail shops like Tesco for hiring foreign workers, instead of locals, as explained in the Al Jazeera report below. Tesco denied those claims.
  10. Retailers accused of shunning UK workers