The return of #SudanRevolts

Anti-government protests reignite after four students found dead.


  1. News of the rallies at different universities was spread around the world by Sudanese Twitter users with the hashtag #SudanRevolts:
  2. Reports quickly spread that a dorm at Omdurman Islamic University was burned down by students loyal to Sudan's ruling National Congress Party. AFP later reported the cause of the blaze was unclear.
  3. Twitter user @superMojok live-tweeted from Omdurman Islamic University:
  4. Translation of video title: Fire at Omdurman Islamic.
  5. حريق داخليات امدرمان الاسلاميه
  6. Translation: Rising smoke from the Islamic University now.
  7. Human Rights watch called for an investigation into the student deaths in a statement released on Monday:
  8. Sudanese authorities should immediately investigate the deaths of four student protesters and the disappearance of two others at the beginning of December 2012, in Madani, Jazeera state, and hold those responsible to account.
  9. News emerged on December 7 that the bodies of three students, Mohamed Younis al-Nil, Adel Mohamed Ahmed, and Alsadiq Abdullah Yagoub, had been found in a sewage canal near Al Jazeera University. The body of a fourth student, Nu’man Ahmed Koreishi, was also found later in the canal.
  10. Demonstrations have not been limited to university campuses. YouTube user Tilal Altaib posted videos of protests in Khartoum on Sunday:
  11. مظاهرات الغضب في الخرطوم
  12. ثوار السودان يجبرون قوات الشرطة على الفرار
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