Guatemalans demand president and vice president 'resign now'

Revelation of bribery allegations triggers widespread protests.


  1. The sign in the image below reads, "Wake up Guatemala".
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  3. Some, including @fher33, questioned whether a resignation was an effective solution:
  4. @fher33: I do not think the resignation of Baldetti is anywhere near the solution, but yes I do support the right to demonstrate in favour of justice.
  5. Others called for specific measures to end corruption within the country:
  6. @santi1m: We will ask the Congress to eliminate private funding to political parties. That is the beginning of corruption and buying favours!
  7. @RodrigoPolo: More than a [resign now], what is urgent is 100% transparency in all the government, that will be the first step against corruption.
  8. @oz_90: It's not only to demand the resignation, but also the investigation and trial against these thieves.
  9. More protests are scheduled for the first week in May.