What's behind the violence in sports matches?

Recent riots and clashes have left many fans injured.


  1. This video shows a fan jogging onto the field in the middle of a football game in Romania between Steaua Bucharest and Petrolul Ploiești and assaulting Steaua's George Galamaz. Galamaz suffered a broken cheekbone and temporarily lost his hearing from the attack. Other Steaua players retaliated by kicking and beating the fan.
  2. Fan hits the football player and than ...
  3. After performing poorly in an American football game that knocked his team out of Superbowl contention, San Francisco 49ers kick returner Kyle Williams received death threats and hateful messages on Twitter from fans. This video shows his fumbling the football, one of the plays that drew ire from fans.
  4. Kyle Williams fumbles again to lose game for 49ers vs. Giants 1.22.12
  5. This video shows a fan hurling a banana at Brasilian footballer Roberto Carlos in the middle of a game in Metallurg Stadium in Samara, Russia in June 2011. Many interpreted the act as a sign of racism.
  6. Racist fan Hurls banana at Roberto Carlos (Samara June 22) HD
  7. Lokomotiv Moscow football fans made this racist banner in reference to Peter Odimwingie, a Soviet-born Nigerian striker for the West Bromwich Albion football club.
  8. At least 74 people were killed and over 1,000 injured in a February 1 football match in Port Said, Egypt. The match was between Egyptian Premier League teams Al Masry and Al Ahly. Many politicians and sports officials were quick to blame the military and police for lax security and for allowing the violence to happen.
  9. 73 DEAD in Egypt Football pitch Confrontations! (1000 injured)
  10. After the Vancouver Canucks lost Game 7 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals to the Boston Bruins in June 2011, fans rioted in the streets, got into knife fights, overturned and set fire to cars, and vandalised store windows. More than 100 people were injured. This was only the third time the Canucks made it to the Finals in their 41-year history. There were also riots the last time the Canucks lost in the finals in 1994.
  11. Fan Fights 7 - Vancouver Riot 2011
  12. In October 2004 rowdy fans gathered outside Fenway Park to celebrate the Red Sox’s win over the Yankees in the MLB American League championship to lead them into the World Series. Between 60 to 80 thousand fans took to the streets to celebrate. Most were peacefully celebrating, but others vandalised property and set fires. A college student was killed when police fired a projectile to disperse the crowds. The win ended an 86-year World Series-appearance drought, or what die-hard fans called the “curse."
  13. Red Sox Win the World Series Riot
  14. The European Cup finals match in 1985 pitted Italian football club Juventus against English Premier League Liverpool. Fans from both teams hurled projectiles into the others’ camp and harassed each other prior to the game, which was held in Heysel Stadium in Belgium. Some British football fans then tried to force their way into the Italian fans’ section, cornering them against a concrete wall. Thirty-nine people died and 600 were injured as the wall collapsed.
  15. Heysel Stadium Disaster May 29 1985 Part 1
  16. After Joe Paterno was fired as head coach of Pennsylvania State University's American football team, students rioted in protest on the streets of their campus. This video shows students turning over a news truck. Paterno, who coached PSU's popular college football team for nearly 46 years, was fired for his lack of action in a child sexual harassment case that occurred under his watch.
  17. The coach of the Turkish Fenerbahçe football club takes out his aggression on a fan in this video.
  18. Football Fight - Coach KO's a Fan