A second wave for Egypt's revolution

Protesters have again taken to the streets of Egyptian cities to urge the interim government to adhere to promises of reform.


  1. Below, an image shared via Twitter of activists at one of the entrances to Tahrir Square. 
  2. Amateur video of protesters in Tahrir Square on the evening of July 8:
  3. SCAF is deeply unpopular among pro-reform Egyptians on Twitter.

  4. SCAF's Deputy Defense Minister Mohsen al-Fangary's Facebook page was reportedly taken down due to online intimidation. In response, Facebook users started a new page called "We are not threatened by El-Fangary." Below is an image from that page.

  5. احنا مبنتهددش يا فنجرى
    احنا مبنتهددش يا فنجرى
  6. Opponents also allege that the Ministry of Interior (MOI) is stalled in undertaking its reform measures. A court recently ruled in favour of releasing a number of police officers who had been charged with killing protesters in January 2011. 

  7. Eyewitnesses report via Twitter a fear that the now-peaceful protests could escalate into violence. 

  8. Below, images and video shared online of the scene in Tahrir Square around July 12.

  9. yfrog - elmodernisto’s Photos - @elmodernisto
    yfrog - elmodernisto’s Photos - @elmodernisto
  10. As happened in January, participants appear to be well-organised. Here, a device in Tahrir Square provides free wi-fi.

  11. In this video taken July 12 in Cairo, protest organizers can be seen clearing crowds from an area in front of the El Mogama El Tahrir building in order to let government administrators in for work. Banners proclaim the building "Opened by the orders of the revolution" while participants chant pro-revolution slogans and sing Egypt's national anthem. 

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