Remembering the great divide

Rethinking India and Pakistan’s shared history beyond the legacy of the 1947 Partition.


  1. As India and Pakistan celebrate 68 years of independence from British rule, citizens of both countries have been making strides towards reaching out to their neighbour. Oral history collections, cross-border textbook initiatives, advertising campaigns and exchange programmes all aim to bring Indians and Pakistanis together to understand their shared history and the trauma of partition.
  2. The Citizen's Archive of Pakistan's Oral History Project and the 1947 Partition Archive set out to record and collect memories of partition from Indians and Pakistanis:
  3. Om Prakash Bhatia migrated from Attari to Delhi in 1947
  4. Dr. Sukhmander Singh lived in District Gurdaspur in 1947
  5. Mrs. Chehnani remembers Partition and her migration from Sindh.
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  7. Even companies like Coca Cola developed campaigns with sentimental messages of peace and bridging divides:
  8. Coca-Cola Small World Machines - Bringing India & Pakistan Together
  9. On India's independence day last year, an Indian comedy collective organised phone conversations between Indians and Pakistanis:
  10. AIB : When India Spoke to Pakistan
  11. Last year, a Google ad showing the reunion of two childhood friends from pre-partition India, went viral:
  12. The ad struck a nerve for many in both countries who shared personal stories of how partition had impacted their families:
  13. This made me realize how my grandfather must be feeling everyday, living away from the place where he was born, away from where he spent 60 years of his life. Partition is sad and so is migration in your country!
  14. My childhood memory is my grandma telling us (group of nine grandkids) stories on her life on "other side of the border" in summer school break while we all sat down around her. Ain't no politician, army general or mufti going to erase it off my mind any time soon.
  15. Stream guest The History Project develop their own textbooks to counter what they perceive are historic biases in the narratives presented in schools in India and Pakistan:
  16. The History Project - Promo
  17. The Stream community shared their perspectives on how each country has handled the events of 1947: