Pakistanis call for media ban over false report

Pakistanis worry misinformation adds to instability.


  1. Meanwhile, ARY News falsely reported that a planned parliamentary meeting will demand the resignation of the Army Chief. 
  2. Pakistan's military quickly denied the reports.  Army public relations official Major General Asim Bajwal responded to allegations on his twitter account. 
  3. Critics are concerned that misinformation is fueling instability. Some users of the hashtags #DawnNews and #BanARY are calling on the Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA) to take action against the channels. 
  4. Others defended the news organizations' reporting.
  5. Hours before the allegations of misreporting, Pakistan's Army drove anti-government protesters from state news channel PTV after the demonstrators raided the offices and took the broadcaster off-air briefly on  Monday. 
  6. Protest groups, who support opposition leader Imran Khan and cleric Tahir ul-Qadri have been in the streets for weeks demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Violent clashes between security forces and demonstrators left at least three dead and hundreds injured over the weekend, prompting the hashtag #IslamabadMassacre

    Khan and Qadri have distanced themselves from the attack on PTV and have told their followers not to enter government buildings.