Protests over Nigerian's murder in India

Countries trade barbs over immigrants after murder in Goa.

  1. The murder of a Nigerian national in India's southwestern Goa state at the hands of a group of Indian men ignited clashes in Goa and abroad. The men were allegedly linked to drug trafficking gangs. Nigerian officials expressed concern about the security of their citizens. The incident sparked protests in Goa and a war of words  between Indian and Nigerian officials.
  2. The government has apprehended two of the alleged perpetrators, but tension between the two countries remains high. Incidents of discrimination against Nigerians grew after a group of Nigerians blocked a highway in protest against the murder. Goan official Dayanand Mandrekar made the following statement, for which he later apologised:
  3. "The Nigerians are like cancer. We are worried what would be the image of Goa for the outside world when the images of Nigerians creating ruckus on the road are showed through television to the world,"
  4. Nigerians have been reportedly forced out of their homes after a government crackdown on all foreigners living illegally in the state. Nigerian consular attache Jacob Nwadadia responded with a veiled threat to evict thousands of Indians residing in Nigeria, saying: 
  5. Thousands of Indians living there will be thrown out on the streets if forcible eviction of Nigerians in Goa does not stop
  6. Police arrested more than 50 people after more than 200 Nigerian protesters blocked a highway, demanding the presence of Nigerian officials for the victim's autopsy. Some protesters were recorded on video smashing a police van and dumping the corpse of the murdered Nigerian in the middle of the road. The incident was shared on social media: 
  7. The truth behind what Nigerians did in Goa 31st Oct 2013
  8. The local government responded to the protests by scrutinising hundreds of Nigerians and foreigners living in Goa without proper paperwork. Chief Minister Manohar Panikar stated that they would undergo a verification drive of all foreign nationals. 

    A coastal village passed a resolution demanding that Nigerians renting in their jurisdiction be asked to leave. Nigerian officials and citizens reacted to these incidents: 
  9. The image below was widely shared on social media and news channels: 
  10. Indians reacted to the incident by criticising the local government:
  11. Some reacted angrily to the Nigerian protesters: 
  12. Others were critical of the Nigerian community and expressed their concerns for Indians in Nigeria: 
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