Egyptians refuse to be erased

After the removal of graffiti on Mohamed Mahmoud Street, artists continue to protest through painting.


  1. جرافيتي محمد محمود بيتمسح :(
  2. The clip below details the importance of Mohamed Mahmoud Street to the Egyptian revolution. Work crews have attempted to remove the graffiti there before.
  3. Artists use graffiti to tell Egypt revolution's stories
  4. The whitewash follows a Saturday inspection of Tahrir Square by Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil. The inspection later prompted additional clean-up measures around the square. Some Egyptians criticised the clean up of the square, citing double standards and poor governance by the Morsi administration.
  5. Twitter users took to the street to share photos of the graffiti removal.
  6. Egyptian netizens lamented the loss of the graffiti, which depicted slogans, images and memorials to heroes of the revolution.
  7. Many began tweeting theirs favorite works from the Mohamed Mahmoud walls:
  8. The image below, tweeted by Sherief Gaber, links to a panorama image of the iconic street:
  9. Cairo-based architect Loai Omran created a Wikipedia page where users can upload their favorite images of lost graffiti from Mohamed Mahmoud street. Egyptian columnist Mona Eltahawy tweeted out the link:
  10. After the graffiti was removed, within hours, Egyptians headed to the street to paint on the blank walls.