Sharing King's 'Dream'

Advocacy group releases full footage of MLK's speech on #InternetFreedomDay.


  1. On Friday, the video began circulating on the web, mostly on Twitter. The online campaign coincides with the US federal holiday "Martin Luther King Jr. Day" which falls on January 21, 2013.
  2. Internet Freedom activists say the campaign is in line with King's calls for civil disobedience.
  3. Within twelve hours of its uploaded, the video was removed by Vimeo. 
  4. The Stream received the following statement from Douglas Schatz of Fight for the Future regarding the removal:
  5. "We suspect the video was removed for copyright reasons, since its frequently removed from YouTube by EMI, who has a licensing agreement with the King Family. 

    We've asked Vimeo for an explanation, and are currently working to get the video uploaded to other video sites. A shortened version should be on YouTube soon." 
  6. What do you think? Should King's speech be copyrighted? What results will this campaign bring? Leave you thoughts in the comments below.