Mixed-race Miss France sparks racist backlash online

Twitter users compare xenophobic comments about French-Beninese pageant queen to similar reactions against Miss America.


  1. (Warning: offensive commentary)
  2. @MikeAssouline: I am sure all the monkeys in the zoo applauded the new Miss France 2014.
  3. @tdechampagn: The mixed race is the cancer of the white race. 
  4. @FredericLavisa: The first naked miss black. 
  5. @Electrexxx: Oh my sweethearts...I know you would have preferred a Miss France 2014 like this....me too! #LocalProduct
  6. @iVerger: If Beninese people were represented by a Scottish or a Chinese, they would feel similar discomfort. 
  7. Other users found common ground between what Miss France is facing and the backlash following the crowning of Miss America, Nina Davuluri, who is of Indian descent. 
  8. @FabLiiNDOU_CLH: You are arguing about Miss France? Indians were Miss Universe three times. Actually, Miss America is Indian. 
  9. @MrMVELES: With Miss America, the French were "shocked" but look at the racist reactions to Miss France. 
  10. Some even compared Coquerel to France's Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, of French-Caribbean descent. A French magazine recently taunted Taubira with a headline that called her "crafty as a monkey".
  11. @John_Doe_1001: Why do we always have to have a black Miss France? Aren't there enough in France's soccer team and enough similar to Taubira? 
  12. Some argue that electing a victor of mixed race is politically motivated and aimed at improving the image of France: 
  13. @Redburry: A small remark: I am sure that the debate surrounding racism with Taubira played a role in the election of that Miss France. Hmm, all this is sketchy. 
  14. @Vaskk: Miss France should thank Taubira. They elected a 'miss black' to improve the image of France following the controversy [surrounding Taubira].