Lebanon's first 'sect-less' baby

Is the first Lebanese birth recorded without a religious sect cause for concern or celebration?

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  1. Kholoud Sukkarieh talks to The Stream about registering her son without a sect in Lebanon.
  2. Both parents also celebrated  on Twitter. Sukkarieh tweeted this photo of Ghadi's registration, with the 'sect' field left blank.
  3. Darwish shared this picture of him with his son.
  4. Even Lebanese President Michel Sleiman wrote to the couple, "Congratulations to Nidal and Kholoud and to all Lebanese on the birth of Ghadi, first newborn registered without a sect".
  5. Many tweeted their congratulations to the family and their hope for the future.
  6. @mazenmoadam: "We wish that sectarianism would be deleted from the minds, hearts and souls of all Lebanese".
  7. @NajibSinjer: "Lebanon needs religion, not intolerance. It's a good step and congratulations".
  8. Sukkarieh responds, "The first step in the path of hundreds of thousands".
  9. Others considered how the lack of a religious affiliation might affect the child's upbringing.
  10. Mary writes, "But it's a shame that he doesn't have a religion. I don't know what they should do or what religion they said he will follow but in the end when he grows up he will assess, compare and choose whatever he is convinced of".
  11. Bass haram ma ykoun 3endo religion maba3rf shu lezim ya3mlo w aya deyene rah ykalo yetba3 bass bel neheye bass yekbar howe rah yshouf w ymayez w yekhtar el shi eli me2tene3 fi
  12. @farahf97: "And how can any person live his life without a religion to guide him? The question doesn't conflict with removing religion from the certificate".
  13. Others considered the legal implications. 
  14. Bakr Rifai writes, "It's a good initiative but unfortunately the child will be forbidden from employment because of the state's dependence on distributing jobs based on sects, not by merit".
  15. Bakr Rifai مبادرة حلوة كتير بس للأسف الطفل صار ممنوع من التوظيف بسلك الدولة بسبب اعتماد الدولة على توزيع الوظائف على مبدأ الطوائف مش على مبدأ الكفاءة !
  16. In a blog post congratulating the family, blogger Elie Fares asked: