Islamophobia comments and questions

The Stream's online community sends in their comments and questions about the growing rise of 'Islamophobia' in the U.S. To see which responses make it on air, tune into our live show on Monday, August 20 at 19:30 GMT:


  1. Beth Steger says her community struggled to accept an Islamic centre opening up at first because of 'fear of the unknown', but meetings and interaction has helped:
  2. Yad Deen wonders why only Muslims are identified by their religion when there is bad news and why terms like 'Islamist' are used:
  3. Shahana Siddiqui says ignorance of Islam stems from the religion not being considered a part of American society. She says we need to ask why American society is resistant to Islam:
  4. Noha Albakri says if we truly understood other races and religions, we would not harbour hate:
  5. Mike asks, if the Israeli bus ads in the U.S. are protected by the First Amendment, then can pro-KKK or pro-Nazi speech also be displayed in that ad space:
  6. I think most people would agree that there were a lot of angry, immature, and uneducated responses to 9/11 in the months immediately following. But that was over a decade ago.
  7. To be honest, the real story is how tolerant and accepting Americans are of diversity. There were no riots after 911, no mobs, etc. What violence or harassment there has been against Muslims in this country is always condemned by mainstream political leadership.
  8. Is Islamophobia on the rise in the U.S.?

  9. Some say yes:
  10. Others say it is, and it's not just limited to the U.S.
  11. Kiriibwa doesn't think Islamophobia exists and that the media has falsely portrayed that it does:
  12. Why is Islamophobia on the rise?