A day in hijab

Women wear headscarves to promote tolerance on #WorldHijabDay.

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  1. World Hijab Day Feb. 1st 2013
  2. Organisers of World Hijab Day asked women to share their experiences of "a day in the life of a hijabi" through social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. @WorldHijabDay also posted women's updates throughout the day.
  3. I'm supporting understanding, tolerance, and my family and friends that are of the Islamic religion. I love all of you! <3 #worldhijabday #love #psychepageendearment
  4. This  https://www.facebook.com/susan.allen.77964?group_id=338099332932881 " class="">Susan Allen another amazing friend of mine and also Christian. She is just way too nice. She works in burger king and she is that nice that one customer bought her laptop once :)
    Words are not enough.... We Muslims sisters love you Sue :)
  5. I admit that I felt a little silly walking around campus with my scarf wrapped around my head. But that's what social experiments are all about! And how many of the women in my parents' neighborhood (which has a large population of immigrant families from Muslim countries) feel the same sort of awkwardness walking around Salt Lake in their beautiful hijabs? Beyond that, are there some that even feel afraid of becoming the targets of anti-Muslim hostility or violence?
  6. Some women wrote about the discrimination they perceived from others based on their clothing, including one woman who put on a face veil - or niqab - for the day.
  7. One non-Muslim woman from Australia described a time when a man passing by swore at her because he thought that she was wearing hijab. @MariamVeiszadeh replied:
  8. Others who participated were more sceptical, or reported some frustration from the experience:
  9. Not sure if I believe in this. Women should be free to remove the veil as well as free to wear one. #worldhijabday
  10. I managed to get a picture, but as much as I support everyone, I need a way to do this without triggering my claustrophobia! This one did not work!
  11. Well! It took me a YouTube tutorial, 20 minutes, and a teaspoon of frustration BUT I finally got it on!!! I feel BEAUTIFUL! #worldhijabday
  12. Muslim women who regularly wear hijab also contributed to the conversation, explaining why they wear the traditional head covering. 
  13. Others were more critical of the event, highlighting the problems they saw with it:
  14. The criticism also included tweets like the one below, in which @Arousa says those participating for just a day are missing the point by revealing their hair to non-family members: