Guatemalans declare 'I don't have a president' after current president refuses to give up power

Protesters use #YoNoTengoPresidente to pressure President Otto Perez Molina to step down.


  1. #YoNoTengoPresidente became the top trending hashtag in Guatemala, reaching over 13,000 tweets in one day.
  2. #YoNoTengoPresidente
  3. @beagalindov: I cannot accept a coward who incites violence and defends corruption.
  4. @israelcs7: I don't have a president but I have a country that has woken up and today more than ever, has a voice.
  5. @iyonosoypoeta: I don't have a president, but I have a nation the deserves respect and honor.
  6. @Melcastillot: Photo reads: I don't have a president, nor fear.
  7. #yonotengoPresidente #Guatemala #Guate
    #yonotengoPresidente #Guatemala #Guate
  8. @rulobono: My desire for you is like Otto Perez Molina... it doesn't give up.
  9. @Jeremipart27: Image reads: I don't have a president. Guatemala is abducted by a delinquent.
  10. @PabloBuezo: Step down now.
  11. #RenunciaYa #YoNoTengoPresidente
    #RenunciaYa #YoNoTengoPresidente