1. Hundreds of people have been stopped and dozens banned from the zone. Police officers have been given special powers to stop and search people, banning them from the area if they choose.

    The images below show the new zones, compared to the original.
  2. Tension between police and citizens initially began after squatters were threatened with eviction from the Rote Flora theater, a community centre which has served as a meeting point for left-wing activists for almost 25 years. A December 21 protest to save the building's tenants from eviction was attended by an estimated 7,000 to 10,000 people. The event later turned into a riot where hundreds of police officers and protesters were injured. 
  3. The danger zone and subsequent protests have birthed a number of memes, including the toilet brush, or "klobürste" in German. The meme spread through the popularity of a video that appeared to show police officers removing a toilet brush from underneath the shirt of a protester on Tuesday.
  4. Hamburg bleibt widerborstig! ‪#‎DangerZone‬
  5. Netizens have also turned the danger zone itself into a meme, posting images depicting it as number of frightening things, including Batman supervillain The Joker, as well as the dark land of Mordor from The Lord of the Rings.
  6. Thanks to community member @b9AcE  for alerting The Stream to this story.
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