Eritrea unrest echoed in London

Protesters in the UK respond to reported siege of Eritrea's information ministry.


  1. Commentary on the London demonstration was divided. 

    Below, Twitter user @Abdulkaderibra1 shared a photo of protesters tearing apart President Isaias Afewerki's photo with the caption "beautiful picture from the storming of the Eritrean Embassy".
  2. @BBerhe retweeted this photo below, apparently from the London Embassy. He tweets that Eritrea has had enough of "DIA" or Dictator Isaias Afewerki.
  3. Filmon Zerai viewed the protest in a different light:
  4. The split reaction was echoed in the YouTube comments on multiple versions of the London protest video. Alisha Tesfalem writes:
  5. Great job guys! You all are setting up an example of how to revolt against an oppressive regime.
  6. Christian Mehretab echoes her support:
  7. keep up the good work! let eritreans know we Londoners will not feel well as long as eritreans are suffering.
  8. Other comments denounced the tactics of the protesters. From Dmerid12:
  9. So lets just recap ... - Peaceful means no violence right? When I see broken glass that usually strikes me as a tad bit violent. - If you want to do a protest it is in your best interest to acquire a permit - As an Eritrean you should respect anyone who fought to bring us all independence. Now dont get me wrong I am not a PIA fanatic but I would never step on any Eritreans face. Wether you like it or not he is one of the many who allows you to call yourself Eritrean Awet N'Hafash!
  10. Semhar Araia, founder and executive director of the Diaspora African Women’s Network (DAWN) commented on the debate: 
  11. Monday's siege sent off a wave of social media speculation over the alleged coup. Details of the event remain difficult to verify due to Eritrea's restrictions on foreign media. 
  12. Members of the Eritrean diaspora tweeted their plans for similar protests in Sweden and Germany.