1. Hundreds gathered at the presidential palace on November 15 to protest against the sentencing of 12 "pro-Morsi supporters" to 17 years in prison. According to reports, the supporters allegedly took part in a violent student-led protest at Al Azhar University, one of the leading institutions in Sunni Islam.  
  2. The Muslim Brotherhood described their frustration in a statement posted on their website.
  3. the entire Egyptian society was shocked and dismayed to see Al-Azhar University students sentenced to prison terms of seventeen years for allegedly trying to break into their own university. Meanwhile, those who kill or torture people or threaten the public with deadly weapons are not brought to trial.
  4. Images of the protests were shared online.
  5. The Muslim Brotherhood is flexing its muscle by organising huge protests today. " I am still popular," is probably the message. #Egypt
  6. This demonstration is part of the ongoing protests in Egypt since former President Mohamed Morsi was removed from power in July. More than 1,000 people were killed in clashes with police. Thousands have been arrested, with many going to trial including Morsi and other Brotherhood officials. 
  7. Regardless of whether or not you support the protests in #Egypt: no peaceful protester should have to fear for their life or health. Simple.
  8. مسيرة طلابية تطوف شوارع دمياط فى مليونية الحرية لطلاب مصر
  9. جمعة الحسم وقفة مسجد النور المحمدى
  10. Many pro-Brotherhood protesters have used the R4BIA (Rabia) symbol for their demonstrations. R4BIA started as an online movement to show solidarity with those who died in the Rabaa Square clashes in August. 
  11. However, many are critical over the Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations.
  12. I mean - protesting today was important, but protests on their own aren't the solution or even the backbone of a solution. #Egypt
  13. In an effort to ease tensions between Brotherhood supporters and the government, the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy called for a national dialogue as way out of the country's political tension". This was the first time the Brotherhood-backed establishment did not demand for reinstatement of the former president or bringing back the 2012 constitution. They says Egypt needs to stop "arrests, bloodshed, and hate speech" in order to have a"serious discussion". 
  14. @AA_Ashour: The National Alliance opens a new horizon for solve the politics in Egypt. But the exclusionary forces still live in the illusion that Egypt is for them only...we need to wake them up.
  15. Social solidarity minister Ahmed El-Borai, said the government could agree to a dialogue if the alliance renounces violence and accepts president Morsi's overthrow as a "revolution".
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