Drone strike hits close to home

Yemeni tweep provides personal account of US strike on his village.


  1. On Twitter, al Muslimi shared his reaction to the attack:
  2. Although al Muslimi's location at the time of the strike is unclear, he repeatedly tweeted that he was not physically in the village that was hit:
  3. Al Muslimi's comments echo his previous statements on drone strikes in his country. In an earlier 2013 piece in The National, al Muslimi talks about experience hearing drones fly directly overhead while in Sana'a. Below, he speaks to the effects of US drone strike policy in Yemen.
  4. Since the policy took effect, AQAP has been successful as never before. Those who have lost relatives to drone fire make up a whole new generation of AQAP recruits.
  5. As AQAP stabs Yemenis in the back, America stabs them in the face. Every time we think of ourselves as the new Tunisia, the US shows that it thinks of us as the new Afghanistan.
  6. Al Muslimi shared information he knew about al Radmi, who reportedly rejected claims of affiliation with AQAP and, despite past involvement with the Yemeni army, was known more recently for working closely with the government on social issues:
  7. American analysts tweeted about the strike, mentioning al Muslimi's reports: 
  8. Al Muslimi responded: