1. Given that the picture and the accompanying info is historically verifiable, and given that it CAN be proven from the Qu'ran that hatred of the Jews is an islamic mandate....then why NOT inform the low-information public??? SOMEbody oughta tell the truth!
  2. According to AFDI,  which says it fights "Islamic supremacist initiatives" in US cities, the ads were developed in response to last month's bus campaign sponsored by American Muslims for Palestine (AMP). Below is an ad by AMP that suggests US tax money, paid annually on 15 April, is funding Israel's presence in the Palestinian territories:
  3. Below, blogger and AFDI co-founder Pamela Geller speaks to ABC News affiliate station WJLA about her group's campaign:
  4. Pamela Geller on ABC News: AFDI Islamic Jew-Hatred Bus Ad campaign
  5. Geller says she is trying to bypass media that is "advancing the propaganda against the Jewish state." Some online praised Geller for her efforts and criticised US media and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim advocacy group. Milan Pavic comments on YouTube: 
  6. CAIR should be indicted for spreading hatred: handing out free copies of the qur'an, the book that is full of misogyny, calls for war against non-musims, racism, hatred, etc.  
  7. Sure ABC, ask the dumbed down ignoramuses in NYC their opinion...especially the woman with the turbo towel on.  And CAIR as well as ISNA are nothing more than terrorist front groups - funny how they try to call Pamela's group propaganda when they are only talking about themselves.
  8. Lori Rhae posts:
  9. Thank you Pamela - for all that you do. "You will know them by their fruits." Our priorities are completely inverted and if we unite in one voice, we can make a difference.
  10. Writing for Time Magazine, attorney and activist Qasim Rashid refuted the AFDI campaign's allegation that Muslims hate Jewish people.
  11. This allegation of Islamic Jew-hatred is dangerous because it is meritless, creates an irrational fear of Islam and of Muslims, and ignores the factually proven growing anti-Semitism in Europe and America. Per Islamic teaching, Prophet Muhammad treated Jews as equals and with compassion. So enough of these ridiculous bus ads—find something productive to spend your money on.
  12. Others took Geller and the campaign to task directly on Twitter:
  13. Geller responded to the criticism, saying "Islamic Jew-hatred is all but accepted by the media and cultural elites":
  14. It’s my saying it that’s the problem. The truth is the problem. Nuts. But that is why we find ourselves incapable of dealing with the gravest threat this nation faces. The problem is that we can’t talk about the problem. The American people are being disarmed and defeated by our own elites. These ads change that.
  15. AFDI sponsored similar campaigns on buses in San Francisco, California in 2012 and 2013. Earlier this month, a US appellate court rejected the group's application to trademark the phrase "Stop Islamization of America" because it could be understood as "disparaging to a substantial composite” of Muslims.