Corruption scandal grips Guatemala

As controversy reaches closer to the presidential palace, protesters call for President Molina's exit.


  1. Months of widespread protests in Guatemala have come to a head in recent weeks, as revelations of government corruption and scandal rock the country.
  2. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court approved a motion to impeach President Otto Perez Molina for his involvement in a customs fraud and tax evasion scheme, revealed in an investigation by the UN International Commission Against Impunity (CICIG). The discovery reignited calls for the country's leaders to step down.
  3. Guatemala protests continue over government corruption
  4. Demonstrations began in April after state authorities uncovered the scheme, knows as "La Linea", which implicated President Perez Molina, Vice President Roxana Baldetti and her former secretary, who is currently a fugitive. Baldetti resigned amid pressure in May and was arrested and ordered to stand trial for her alleged crimes. Thirteen government officials have also resigned in the wake of the scandal.
  5. Yet President Otto Perez Molina is refusing to resign, despite mounting pressure from the private sector, students, indigenous groups and ordinary citizens.
  6. Corruption is not uncommon in Guatemala. According to the CICIG's findings, 50 per cent of money in the country's politics comes from corruption and 25 per cent directly from organized crime. A previous scandal revealed the siphoning of millions of dollars off a contract to provide dialysis treatment to patients with kidney failure.
  7. Guatemala sees growing anger over corruption
  8. Guatemalans have taken to the streets on a weekly basis chanting #YoNoTengoPresidente (“I don’t have a President”) and #RenunciaYa ("resign now"). The movement has drawn an unprecedented number of protesters to the National Palace.
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  10. The Stream community weighed in when asked what they believed was behind recent protests:
  11. Some shared their concerns about how corruption will be addressed amid ongoing investigations:
  12. Though presidential elections are scheduled for September 6, @natycar74 says they should be postponed, arguing the next administration will be just as corrupt:
  13. @Mike_Secreto is hopeful elections will have a positive impact on the country: