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Catalonia comments and questions

The Stream's online community sends in their comments and questions about Catalonia's independence movement. To see which responses make it on air, tune into our live show on Monday, September 17 at 19:30 GMT:


  1. Miquel Strubell says Catalonians want independence and surveys show a majority would vote yes to it in a referendum:
  2. Liz Castro cites unfair economic policies and a disrespect for the Catalonian people in her support for their independence:
  3. Robert Crane suggests Catalonia should be an independent region with voting rights in the EU:
  4. Many argue Catalan has a right to secede from Spain:

  5. Some cite historical and cultural reasons:
  6. Clara cites what she believes are unfair economic policies 
  7. Others argue Catalonia should stay with Spain:

  8. Several people think Catalonia is being selfish for its call to independence while Spain is suffering economically:
  9. Shunno Sagar Its not right to turn back when Spain need them most. 10 hours ago
  10. Puffray Mukwaya this is absolutely a selfish call, not at the time when other EU countries have been struggling to bail out others. We know the pride the catalns have but this is far much beyond 10 hours ago
  11. Tomas Soria whenever this claim is achieved in a democratic way..then..go ahead. Otherwise, I think it's a selfish and quite oportunistic claim for independence when we all spaniards are going through such a crisis 3 hours ago
  12. Johnson thinks it will be good for Catalonia's long-term future to stay with Spain: