1. The Harper-led government announced last week that it would be closing seven of the 11 Department of Fisheries and Oceans libraries by 2015 as part of federal spending cuts. Although 30,000 departmental publications have been digitised, scientists and campaigners fear that valuable scientific content would be lost forever.

  2. Many Canadians criticised this measure as a grave mistake by the Harper government and called the move a ‘war on knowledge’.

  3. Canadian scientists argue that the Conservative government is prioritising industry-specific research by choosing economic and corporate gain over science and knowledge.
  4. Some feel that the cuts are a result of the government’s pursuit of oil and gas resources such as the controversial Keystone XL pipeline and resource development in oil sands of Alberta, which has sparked opposition from environmentalists as well as Canada's First Nations. 

    The Stream reported on Alberta's oil sands in 2013: