What is it like #BeingBlackAndMuslim?

Netizens discuss race and faith in the Muslim community.


  1. Hind Makki, a writer and one of the founders of @MuslimARC, said the intention is to ask "black African-Americans and African-descended Muslims to share their thoughts on the racism that they encounter and also the beauty of being black and Muslim". 
  2. Users shared their experiences with racism online, with others expressing support or empathising with the stories. 
  3. Participants also shared positive experiences growing up black and Muslim.
  4. Some discussed being treated as inferior because of their race. 
  5. Discrimination specifically against black Muslim women was also raised.
  6. Some online were quick to clarify that discrimination is not in the teachings of Islam. However, others said such an argument overlooks prejudice that does occur.