Do Israelis heart attacking Iran?

Anti-war Israelis want to preempt a strike on Iran.


  1. In 2012, rhetoric between Israel and Iran reached new levels raising suspicions of a possible Israeli military strike targeting Iran's nuclear programme. Israel and its Western allies fear Iran is developing a nuclear weapon that could be used against Israel. Iran maintains its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes.  
  2. Below, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tours a nuclear site in Iran. 
  3. Western nations have placed economic sanctions on Iran and the UN Security Council in an effort to force Iranians to halt uranium enrichment. Israel's government argues that it will act militarily, alone if necessary, to incapacitate Iran's nuclear programme. 
  4. Many Israelis oppose a unilateral military strikes against Iran. Protests are held regularly in Israel with activists raising the question of potential Iranian retaliation for any strike. 

    Here are two videos of protests against an Israeli military strike on Iran. 
  5. Hiroshima day - Against bombing Iran
  6. הפגנה בת"א נגד מלחמה באירן - 24-3-2012.mpg
  7. In recent interviews with US media, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu clarified his position on Iran. His appearances occurred in the midst of the US presidential campaign, causing many to accuse him of trying to influence the outcome of the election. 
  8. Former Israeli intelligence chief, Meir Dagan, made headlines around the world when he called a strike on Iran a "stupid idea". In this interview, Dagan stated that a strike against Iran would be a mistake and that Israel could wait as long as three years before taking military action against Iranian nuclear sites. Since Dagan's criticism of the current Israeli government, other former Israeli officials have came out in opposition to a military strike. 
  9. The Spymaster: Meir Dagan on Iran's threat
  10. The cartoon below portrays what the artist sees as Israeli and Western hypocrisy on the nuclear issue. 
  11. In March of this year, two Israeli graphic designers, Ronnie Edri and Michal Tamir, created a campaign calling for peace between Israel and Iran. Using social media, they hope to spread awareness about the dangers of a potential conflict. Their campaign is called "Israel loves Iran" and focuses on personal messages of support. Iranians responded with similar messages. 
  12. This is a clip of Ronnie Edri speaking about the campaign which The Stream first covered in March.  
  13. We Love You - Iran & Israel
  14. A picture of an Israeli sending his message of love to Iran. 
  15. This video features user submissions from the Israel loves Iran campaign.
  16. Iran Israel - Iranians We Love You
  17. A former Israeli soldier, Einav, speaks about his experiences and opposition to occupation and war. 
  18. Iranians responded to the online campaign.