1. In mid-2012, figures showed that Israel houses over 50,000 African migrants, most of them from Sudan or Eritrea.  According to a story published by Israeli news outlet Haaretz, Israel offered Eritreans the choice of prison or repatriation, drawing criticism from the UNHCR. In accordance with international conventions, most cannot be deported.
  2. This video, published on filmmaker David Sheen's Blue Pilgrimage website in August 2012, shows Africans and Israelis reacting to the situation. (Warning: This video contains explicit language.)
  3. Defend African Refugees in Israel
  4. The following table depicts where the majority of migrants originate. Eritrea leads, followed closely by Sudan. Other migrants come from: Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  5. Some Israelis are opposed to the influx of undocumented migrants. In May 2012, many demonstrated against African migrants, holding signs saying "Sudanese back to Sudan".
  6. On December 31, 2012, anti-African Israelis rallied in south Tel Aviv. Warning: This video contains explicit language.
  7. In with the New Year, Out with the Africans
  8. Shimon Sigali, an Israeli survivor of the Holocaust, discusses his feelings about the persecution of African migrants. 
  9. Holocaust Survivor & African Refugees
  10. This video depicts the migrant situation in Israel, featuring interviews with migrants and Israelis.
  11. "Infiltrators" or Refugees? Asylum Seekers in Israel
  12. In this video from June 2012, migrants marched on the United Nations Council of Refugees office in Tel Aviv.
  13. Africans in Israel Demand Refugee Rights
  14. Executive director of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth, tweeted about the UN backlash Israel has received.
  15. Netizens expressed differing views on the topic of whether African migrants pose a threat to Jewish identity.
  16. Some offered views on the issue of legality :
  17. While I understand and support UNHCR's statement of failure to protect those who face persecution at home. It is a very slippery slope one is getting onto with Israel. As Israel is not the only State who undertakes such practices, and if the international community investigates one and publicly condemns for such actions, then they must do this to them all. Just as a side note why can they not be repatriated to South Sudan where it has always been less Islamist?
  18. The point is not that they are undocumented migrants. The point is that they will be persecuted on return. If Israel signed the UNHR convention, then surely they must be held liable for its provisions. One can't help but wonder if they would turn away undocumented ethnic Europeans in the same way, or if they make monkey sounds as they send these migrants back home.